Make matcha not war
— Tiger Matcha

The founder of Tiger Matcha was shining star in the fight to transition the world to sustainable energy at TESLA California. Working hard every day to help the planet, and striving to achieve the best experience possible for all customers. Taking The lessons learned there, he decided to venture to Japan for a several months, to take in the culture and draw Inspiration. Whilst in Kyoto Japan he was introduced to the wonderful world of Zen and Japanese tea via a local tea-master in Uji Japan.

Impressed by the complexities and incredible health benefits of matcha he began to imagine how he could bring the Japanese standard of matcha to his hometown of Orange County California. From an Inspirational trip came the idea to offer something that wasn’t easily accessible in the US, Ultra Premium Japanese Matcha. In a climate of cookie cutter matcha options, he sought out to create something unique, and vastly exceed the standards of matcha in the US.

After months of searching he found a family owned farm that offered not only some of the most rare matcha available anywhere, but incredible award winning matcha made with intention and deep rooted ancient traditions passed down from generation to generation.

Tiger Matcha promises to support the simple farmers who put their blood sweat and tears into the making of some of the most special tea on the planet.