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RARE Single Origin Asahi cultivar cultivated by hand to ensure the best most tender leaves are chosen. Then gently stone milled to perfection.

Our creme de la creme, arc de Triomphe, the holy grail of matcha. This is considered RARE very hard to come by. While matcha is already a labor-intensive process that includes months of cultivation, multiple feedings of soil, and careful timing to pick the tea leaves during their peak. ZENITH matcha is a rare chance to experience matcha leaves that were picked by hand. Carefully weeding out any leaves with subtle imperfections, scars, already cut leaves and leaves that have already grown out of the same stem. Many Japanese laborers are used to pick only the most tender, and delicious tea leaves. This process is a lot more labor-intensive but achieves the most desirable results when compared to using a traditional machine to cut the tea leaves. 

*Zero traces: Tested for radiation & heavy metals

Tasting Notes: Powerfully rich in “Umami” (savoriness), this is silky smooth matcha that only has an inclination of Uji astringency at the very tail end of the flavor profile. This matcha is the most densely packed with chlorophyll & “L-Theanine” resulting in our most powerful “Anti-Aging” matcha & the biggest energy boost you will get with any of our matcha. The smoothest matcha experience you will ever have is what you can expect with a matcha tea of this caliber.

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