Cultivated in the beautiful rolling hills of Uji Japan, We offer some of the finest Matcha available anywhere. Using labor intensive techniques, executed by Japanese master farmers, we are able to offer a product that far exceeds the standards for Matcha in the US. We are here to create passion for ultra premium Japanese Matcha and support family owned farms who put their heart and soul into bringing the world the most incredible tea.

  • Single Origin (not sourced Matcha from multiple regions and mixed together)

  • We NEVER add fillers, no spinach powder, no sugar, nothing but pure Matcha)

  • JONA (Japanese Organic) *Meets more stringent standards than USDA, meets highest organic standards in the world “EU Organic”.

  • 100% real Uji Matcha

  • Tana Shaded & Honzu shaded (ancient methods are used to produce extremely high quality Matcha tea)

  • Koicha quality Matcha (can be enjoyed as “thick Matcha”)

  • First harvest

  • Award Winning matcha in the National Tea Fair of Japan, winning the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award which is the highest award a most prestigious honor to achieve in Japan.