The journey to something special...

What started as a search for balance and health in the far away land of Japan, soon became a mission to bring the Japanese standard of tea to the US. We strive for perfection, or as the Japanese refer to it "Kaizen"

Our Roots

Tiger Matcha is the acclimation passionate individuals with vast matcha knowledge and first hand experience in Japan. The product of a life changing few months in Japan, Tiger Matcha is a Ultra Premium solution to supplying its community with great tasting, healthy matcha tea. We aim to set a new standard for what “The Best” looks like. With our “Beyond Ceremonial” matcha we look to shake up the matcha world in California to bring the people Japanese quality with a bit of “Cali Flare”.

Beyond Ceremonial

What makes our matcha "Beyond Ceremonial"? Cultivated in the beautiful rolling hills of Uji Japan, We offer some of the finest Matcha available anywhere. Using labor intensive techniques, executed by Japanese master farmers, we are able to offer a product that far exceeds the standards for Matcha in the US. We are here to create passion for ultra premium Japanese Matcha and support family owned farms who put their heart and soul into bringing the world the most incredible tea.

Our Promise

Single Origin matcha We NEVER add fillers, no spinach powder, no sugar, nothing but pure Matcha) JONA (Japanese Organic) *Meets more stringent standards than USDA, meets highest organic standards in the world “EU Organic”. 100% real Uji Matcha Tana Shaded & Honzu shaded (ancient methods are used to produce extremely high quality Matcha tea) Koicha quality Match (“thick Matcha”) First harvest Sourced from a family owned farm Award Winning matcha in the National Tea Fair of Japan, winning the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Award. This is the highest award and most prestigious honor to achieve in Japan.


These are some of the men, women and animals that make up Team Tiger; Each person brings their own unique personality to Tiger Matcha, and they are the life-blood of our company. We truly are a passionate team


(MI-DOR-RI) Midori likes long walks on the beach, matcha lattes, and anything shiny and bug like.


Japanese business man by day, cosmopolitan "FOOD BEAST" by night.


Crazy Kat lady would be an understatement. Lover of all things cute, and a huge Rick & Morty fan.


A Long Beach native and self proclaimed coffee aficionado.Lover of "Dad Jokes", and all things corny.


Orange County native, a lover for all things complex.Never misses an opportunity to make a joke out of anything he can get his hands on.
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