Beedoro [IRON] Matcha Bowl (Chawan)

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diameter: 4.52inch (11.5cm) height: 2.95inch (7.5cm), standard matcha bowl size

Made at Hinomi Kiln

*Comes in an individual box with a certificate of authenticity*

*Each chawan is made special and May differ from stock photo in appearance contact us if you want photos of what’s in stock*

This traditional Matcha Chawan is the perfect shape and size for Matcha preparation. The contour of the bowl from side to bottom is elegant and fits comfortably in your hands. We are able to offer this Matcha bowl at a reasonable price, so it is an excellent value.

The deep green glaze is called BEEDORO which is one of the most traditional glazes of Shigaraki Yaki. The dark brown color is created by soil containing fine iron. The burnt iron has a faint glimmer or shine, and the technique is known as iron solubilization.

Lead-free. Made in Japan.

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